5 Jewelry Trends That Will Define Summer 2023—Plus, 5 That Definitely Won’t


Mark your calendars, friends, because we're only a few weeks away from the official start of summer. While every season has pros and cons, there's no denying that summer is unparalleled. I could rattle off why it's special for days—e.g., it's the perfect time to sneak away to a far-off destination, or you can get away with eating gelato in a patch of sunlight or lounging by the beach while binge-reading a book. But I'll save my breath because no matter the rationale, everyone can find something about summer satisfying. Personally, I derive unbridled joy from the slew of new fashion trends brought on by higher temperatures—especially in the jewelry department. I know that the idea of jewelry trends seems counterintuitive, considering most may think that footwear or swimwear is a more important category to watch (and shop) for the season, but I'd beg to differ. It can be easy to fall into the trope that you "have" to spend a fortune to feel stylish during the summer, but that's not true. You can add that sizzle to your summer wardrobe simply through jewelry. In an effort to prove the power of a few simple accessory swaps, I did hours of research to identify the 5 best summer 2023 jewelry trends (plus the ones to skip). Through scouring the spring/summer 2023 runway collections and the social media accounts of some of the most stylish women, I came away with a clear list of jewelry trends that can satisfy everyone's sartorial preferences. So without further ado, here are the jewelry trends that will heat your summer '23 wardrobe…

If previous seasons were about drawing inspiration from horticulture, this year was about taking nature-inspired jewelry to a new depth by going under the sea. The tidal wave of ocean-inspired jewelry can, in part, be attributed to the swell of popularity around the mermaidcore aesthetic on social media. But the true force of nature behind this trend goes back to the widespread prevalence of sea-inspired jewelry in S/S 23 collections. We saw long cowrie shell earrings at Acne Studios, while at Ulla Johnson, beaded choker necklaces were adorned with natural conch shells. At the same time, Simkai took inspiration from a mussel's outer shell and created gold oversized clip earrings and clutch bags. But the trend hasn't stopped there; the fashion set has already been wearing everything from starfish earrings to necklaces made from natural shell shards. Its widespread prevalence is proof that this trend has left the depths of the sea and become a part of our world.

I'd defiantly pair this necklace with the matching star earrings for the full mermaid-inspired look.

Imagine these styled with a crisp linen button-down and matching trousers—chic, right?

If Ariel had legs, she'd be a fan of this anklet.

The mix of pearls and shells on this necklace is so pretty.

Mango popped off with these shell earrings.

Wear this by the seashore for the full effect.

Dreaming of wearing this with a little white dress.

It doesn't get more "under the sea" inspired than these little fish earrings.

Is there any specific jewelry trend that makes you feel nostalgic? Maybe those dainty charm bracelets you wore to match with a loved one? Or how about the grungey rubber bands that you bought from Hot Topic? Plenty of pieces can transport you back to the past, but none have made quite the comeback in the present moment than cuff bracelets. While the mere thought of a chunky bangle may not bring back the chicest memories, let us be clear now: the new version of this trend is grown. It's no longer focused on oversized or overstacked bracelets; instead, it's all about styling them in an elevated and effortless way. That approach is most evident in the S/S 23 collections—e.g., at Saint Laurent, leather duster coats were layered over full-length gowns and accessorized with metal and wood bangles. While at Bally, a double-denim look was given a little shine with the addition of bejeweled stacked bangles. And then, there was Tory Burch's spring show in which gauzy sheer gowns were accented with cuffs that slithered their way up the sides of models' hands. If that weren't enough to send you off searching for a set of bangles stat, then look at how this trend has already translated off the runway. We've seen the fashion set styling stacked bracelets with everything from skirt suits to bikinis, showing that we're cuffed to this trend for now.

Since this wrap-around cuff made its way down Tory Burch's S/S 23 runway, I think about it every single day.

Are these modern sculptures or stacking cuffs? How about both.

Everything about this bracelet is sublime— from the textured lucite to the gold hinges.

Don't be afraid to layer on the bangles—it's the look.

Missoma's pieces are a delightful addition to any jewelry collection.

Love that this cuff is styled with a bikini.

You'll wear these all the time.

The shape of this bangle has me swooning.

If you can recall, there was a time when dainty necklaces reigned supreme, until a few years ago when we saw chunkier necklaces take over. Since then, there's really been no in-between, that is, until now. Rarely can maximalists and minimalists find one trend they agree on, but that might change this summer with the jewelry trend I'm dubbing "punchy pendants." The silhouette of this necklace is categorized by its often delicate chain made from either leather or metal that's adorned with an oversized, sculptural pendant (typically made from glass or metal). While larger pendants are not a new concept, designers widespread adoption of this necklace in S/S 23 collections made them feel fresh. Contemporary takes of this necklace on the runway included everything from long lariat-style chains with oblongs at Michael Kors' show to big swirls hanging from chokers at Jacquemus. In each iteration of this trend, we saw the complete versatility and wearability front and center—something that hasn't been remiss to the fashion set. Despite summer still being a few weeks away, we've already seen this style reign supreme as a piece that everyone (no matter sartorial preferences) turns to in order to accessorize shirtdresses, blouses, bikinis, matching sets, and more. Its pronounced presence has cemented itself as possibly the defining jewelry trend of the summer.

You can style this long necklace with everything from a tank top and jeans to a shirtdress.

Thought about gatekeeping this necklace, but it's too good.

Now, here's a necklace destined to be worn in the sunshine.

Did your jaw just drop? Us too, fam, us too.

What's not to love about this necklace?

Cute, cute, cute.

I can definitely see oversized stone necklaces blowing up this summer.

So cool.

You can't scroll through social media without hearing about one specific fashion era: the 2000s. It's been a defining part of recent trends, but if runways and Instagram indicate what's to come, the buzz around all things Y2K-inspired was making headway for an '80s comeback. Of course, nostalgia and social media have parlayed somewhat into the fascination around fashion eras, especially the return of '80s aesthics. Still, they'd not be nearly as popular without the revival of '80s-inspired pieces on the runway. Both in S/S 23 and F/W 23 collections, we've seen an overwhelming amount of trends from that era—ahem, shoulder pads, pinstripes, and even cuff bracelets, to name a few. But possibly the most surprising trend from this era that's back is oversized earrings. Many designers have embraced geometric earrings in their spring collections, including Saint Laurent, Chanel, and even newer households like LaQuan Smith. But what makes these earrings truly an homage is the details. Many of the styles spotted on the runway (and even off) come in supersized rectangular, oblong, and circular shapes with those signature '80s details—e.g., clip-on posts and colorful gemstones. While these earrings may draw inspiration from the past, they've never felt more current.

Saint Laurent's oversized clip-ons are the perfect way to tap into this trend.

Cool girls, apply here.

Chunky hoops became a thing in the '80s, so there's no better way to honor the era.

So pretty.

These come in silver too!

You'll be the main character in these oversized earrings.

The subtle rippling on these earrings is so stunning. .

Trust us; you'll wear these all the time.

Last but certainly not least, the final jewelry trend you should keep a watch out for this summer is timepieces. Like all jewelry, one can argue that watches outlast any trend cycle—and in some ways, that's true. But what one can't argue is how modern technology has, in some ways, made the watch "dated." After all, with so many of us relying on an array of devices, from iPhones, laptops, tablets, and to keep up with the times, it can be easy to dismiss the idea of needing a traditional watch too. And yet, we've seen, on and off the runway, more and more people wearing watches. For instance, in Michael Kors and No. 21's S/S 23 collections, we saw models saunter down the runway wearing multiple watches. At the same time, more influencers than ever have been spotted showing off timepieces. And while you still may be thinking, "Watches are timeless, honey." Understanding precisely why this trend is poised to take over this summer doesn't take too much introspection. On the surface level, watches have begun to feel like jewelry pieces—some feature colorful faces, embellishments, and even unique bands that are made from chains or wrap-around. But on a deeper level, I suspect that the fast-moving nature of living in a technological era, with cultural and political upheaval, is leading to this trend's boon. When times are moving fast, and the world is constantly changing, we just want to watch the minute hand move slowly by. Being able to relish every second of summertime is something we all secretly desire, and this trend allows us to do just that.

The chainlink makes this feel more like jewelry than a watch.

It's timeless (excuse the pun).

Breda's watches are beloved among our editors.

Style this with cuffs to really make it feel of the time.

The contrasting black face on this watch is so chic.

From far away, this looks like a chunky tennis bracelet, but up close, it's actually a watch.

I can confirm this watch looks so chic on.

A girl can dream.

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