These Home And Office Space Savers Will Awe You


Being organized is key to getting things done no matter what ones home environment may be, but it’s especially important for those of us in small spaces. We’ve already tackled the importance of labeling and chatted with organizing experts about must-haves, now we’re taking a dive into innovative products that simply and affordably help make the most out of small spaces.

Whether you’re looking to free up space for a home office or your home in general, whether you’re clocking in 80 work weeks at a desk or taking care of young children, checkout our slideshow for innovative buys you’ll love.

These Home And Office Space Savers Will Awe You

  • Canon Pixma TR150 Wireless Mobile Printer with Airprint and Cloud Compatible

    Bulky printers be gone! This genius space-saving printer tops pretty much every list of the best space-savers. It's compact, efficient, easy-to-set up and works just as well as its heavier and bulkier counterparts. It's so light you could literally pack it in a briefcase if you needed to.

    $297.18 at Amazon

  • Stokke Flexi Bath

    Stokke Flexi Bath

    Why anyone would get a baby/toddler bath that isn't this one is hard to imagine. Not only is it well priced given the quality, it works from day one right up until your child is ready to use a "real" bath/shower (baby insert is sold separately). Pretty much all alternatives would take up 4x or more space.

    $36.75 at Amazon

  • Inglesina Fast Table Chair

    Inglesina Fast Table Chair

    Forget bulky high chairs that not only take up floor space you probably don't have, they're a hazard! Parents always complain about hitting their feet/leg on high chairs – not the case with this innovative and truly "fast" table chair from Inglesina.

    $79 at Amazon

  • Lifewit Slim Storage Cart

    Lifewit Slim Storage Cart

    You can fit this storage cart into just about any small nook or cranny that would otherwise go to waste.

    $17.99 at Amazon

  • PRINZ Work from Home Wall

    PRINZ Work from Home Wall

    This versatile foldable wall desk comes with interior shelves and a cubby to store supplies for both space-saving and convenience.

    $83.99 at Amazon

  • Kensington SmartFit Clamp-On Keyboard Drawer Black

    Kensington SmartFit Clamp-On Keyboard Drawer Black

    Keep your workspace clutter-free and create a more comfortable typing position for your wrists and forearms with this clamp-on keyboard drawer.

    $59.46 at Amazon

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