This Pretty Trend Was All Over the Fall Runways—29 Items I’m Not Waiting to Shop


While the fall collections are usually reserved for thicker, more insulating fabrics like cashmere knits and wooly outerwear, there was one standout theme among the collections this fall/winter 2023 season that went against the grain. Soft, supple, satin proved to have a surprising but significant spot on the runways. The pretty fabric popped up in a myriad ways—from the luxurious satin suits at Fendi to the colorful bright satin separates at Tory Burch—proving that the fabric deserves a spot in our cold-weather wardrobes just as much as it does in our warm-weather ones.

That said, satin clothing is one trend I personally won't be waiting another six months to wear. With the fall collections fresh in my mind and spring at my doorstep this month, now is the perfect time to get in on the rising pretty theme. Inspired by the runways, I spent the morning shopping for luxe satin pieces to recreate the looks I loved most. Ahead, I'm sharing my satin clothing shopping list that's as forward feeling as it is "now".

How beautiful is this shade of chocolate brown?

I can't stop staring at the way this blush-hued blazer catches the light.

Wow, this looks so luxe.

Soft satin in the season's top hue, lime twist.

The kind of piece that makes anything else you wear it with feel so special.

The '60s mod energy is strong here.

This draping, though.

I've seen this IRL and it looks even better, if you can imagine that.

This backless situation? So hot.

Nobody will believe you spent south of $100 on it.

Dream coat.

The duster length here is key.


Now that's a spring jacket.

Red alert.

Do these collars make you emotional too or are you normal?

For both lounging inside and socializing outside.

Just add cool jewelry.

Prepare for compliments with this vibrant color.

The emerging brand our editors won't shut up about.

You'd be wise to make it a set with the coordinating pants.

Work attire that's (finally) not yawn-inducing.

Hello, beautiful.

Deceivingly cheap.

Fresh off Maximilian Davis' debut Ferragamo runway.

The slit makes it an ideal frame for cool shoes.

Simple yet elegant.

This color is just so rich.

For your forever wardrobe.

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