The Six Best Products For A Restful Night Sleep


We don’t need to tell you that sleep is essential for everything from glowing skin to mental sanity, so it’s an unfortunate reality that there can often seem to be an endless amount of stumbling blocks that get in the way of actually getting the elusively glorious restful sleep.

From stress, less than optimal temperatures and screaming babies, to light, garbage trucks and just downright uncomfortable mattresses, most of the annoyances actually have tangible solutions that might be as easy as clicking “add to cart” to solve.

For some inspiration, click through our slideshow below for a look at six of the best products for encouraging restful sleep.

The Six Best Products For A Restful Night Sleep

  • Nanit Pro Camera

    If you have a baby/toddler the Nanit Pro Camera is hands down the best option to give you peace of mind so you can snooze restfully. It's easy to install, can be accessed from anywhere via their app, gives sleep data (including when baby fell asleep/woke up), plus it allows access for multiple users.

  • SNOObie Smart Soother

    SNOObie Smart Soother

    If you have a newborn there's no better gift when it comes to sleep (and mental sanity…) than the SNOO. With my first we literally had to wake him up to eat for the first few weeks! Now there's SNOObie for the SNOO graduate. It's a white noise machine, night light, mindful breathing coach and it can be customized to provide light cues for sleeping/waking.

  • Hatch Restore

    Hatch Restore

    Hatch is known for making some of the best white noise options. Their latest launch, Restore 2, is focused on creating a cozy environment with specially calibrated lights while also boasting science-backed sounds to block out unwanted noises. It also has alarm capabilities.

  • Nolah Mattress

    Nolah Mattress

    Nolah Mattress is a sleep technology company that sells five mattresses made in the USA. Crafted with cooling AirFoam or all-natural Talalay latex, they provide gentle contouring and superior pressure relief for restorative sleep – you'll notice a difference after your very first snooze.

  • Fitbit Inspire 3

    Fitbit Inspire 3

    Fitbit Inspire 3 does plenty of things including give you data on heart rate, temperature, movement and blood oxygen – but they also have a ton of sleep metrics like how long you’re spending in each stage of sleep and each morning you'll wake up to a sleep score plus an alarm that wakes you at the appropriate stage.

  • Dock Pro

    Dock Pro

    Dock Pro – named one of the best inventions of 2022 by Time – allows you to regulate your mattress temperature from 55 to 115 F (13-46 C), so you can sleep exactly the way you like.

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