Socks May Be A “Boring” Buy, But These 21 Pairs Will Make All Your Shoes Better


While socks may not be the most stylish buy of the season, it certainly is one of the most important parts of your wardrobe. They're small yet mighty, and the right sock will affect your comfort levels with your shoes, and paired with options like loafers or flats, the way they look. A Google search of women's socks will lead you to over 750k results, which is why we narrowed it down to the best TK on the market for every one of your needs. Looking for a sock that's worth showing off? Gigi Hadid's new cashmere line has a few that'll get you excited. And if you're trying to find the true no-show socks to wear with flats, we found a few options from Nike to Amazon that have stellar reviews.

If your sock drawer is filled with mismatched options and is in need of an upgrade, look no further than the list below. It's always the small but necessary things we put on the back burner, so we did the hard part and found the best picks for you. Keep scrolling to shop,

Wear them with: Casual sneakers. "I buy a set every anniversary sale. Great for wearing with slip-on sneakers or Toms. They don't slip off your heel and are slightly cushioned. They cover the toes and then some, so they work well with most shoes for no-show, but they don't cover the part of your foot where the laces would be in a regular tennis shoe, so in my opinion, they are less for working out and more for casual sneakers."— Nordstrom reviewer

Wear them with: Ballet flats. "I was skeptical of these socks at first, but they really do provide minimal coverage and stay on due to the sticky gel at the back of the sock. Will be purchasing more."— Nordstrom reviewer

Wear them with: Athletic sneakers. "I have tried probably 10 different brands of no-show socks, from Saucony to Vans to any other big sock brand, and these are by far the best. They’re soft and snug, and don’t slip off literally EVER. I’m a big sneaker person and they cannot be seen with any of the sneakers I wear. Sometimes they can poke out of the top of my foot when I’m wearing slip-on Vans but with a little adjusting they then go invisible and stay in place. White socks have stayed white and tie-dye ones are super cute. 10/10 recommend!"— Amazon reviewer

Wear them with: Uggs or Birkenstocks. "I love these socks so much! They're warm, comfortable, and stylish! They give the perfect slouch look or pull them up to cover more leg while lounging at home!" — Skims reviewer

Wear them with: As is for lounging. "I'm so glad that Nordstrom now carries these. I have about 8 pairs because I always want a pair to wear around the house. These are for lounging or sleeping. They're not meant to be worn with shoes. Also, if you have a muscular or large calf you'll find them a bit tight if you pull them all the way up. That's okay, as they're meant to be worn scrunchy. I have a couple of colors, but black is the most versatile. This is the same fabric as the Calypso Cardigan. They're very soft. I hang dry the cardigans, but these are fine in the dryer so far." — Nordstrom reviewer

Wear them with: Uggs or Birkenstocks

Wear them with: Loafers or boots

Wear them with: Ballet flats

Wear them with: Loafers or boots

Wear them with: Loafers, casual sneakers, and boots. "I like to buy the majority of my clothing from thrift stores. The only clothes I won't thrift buy are socks, underwear, and hats but I was in a hurry to buy some high-ankle, white socks and couldn't get to a Target or Walmart at that point. So I came here. These socks had the best reviews and rightfully so. They're just Hanes but they are so ridiculously comfy. They are the right height, fit, and softness. I am a petite woman with tiny feet (size 4.5-5) so I was a little worried about buying the size that runs from 5-9 but they fit me perfectly. Anyway, I love these socks so much and would 100% recommend anyone in the market for plain white ankle-high socks to purchase these ones."— Amazon reviewer

Wear them with: Casual and athletic sneakers. "The quality and durability of these socks are great. These are the most comfortable socks for active people."— Nike reviewer

Wear them with: Loafers. Coming in a variety of trendy colors, these socks by Comme Sei are perfect for any fashion person. Made in Italy from GOTS certified Organic Cotton, they meet the standards of style and comfort.

Wear them with: Boots, loafers, and for lounging. "If I had known cashmere socks felt this incredible I would've been saving up and buying these things for years. Goodness. Literally, these socks changed my day. Cold outside, wet, drafty, so what, I'm wearing cashmere socks. Car cut me off, no big deal. My feet feel great, wearing cashmere socks. I didn't even take them off when I came in the house and just wore them to bed. Then I washed them out and wore them the next day. After that, I just lurked on the J.Crew website to see if I could get some more on sale and I bought another pair, in a very odd color because those were the ones on sale but again, don't care. They're cashmere. Incidentally, I bought a two-pack of cashmere socks at the regional department store. They were ok but not near the quality of these so I'll just be stalking the website to get a few pairs when they go on sale."— J.Crew reviewer

Wear them with: Heels, sandals, flats, and loafers

Wear them with: Heels, sandals, flats, and loafers

Wear them with: Ballet flats and slingback heels

Wear them with: Ankle and mid-thigh boots

Wear them with: Ankle and mid-thigh boots

Wear them with: While traveling, boots, and loafers

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