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Having just been announced as L’Oréal Paris’s latest UK spokesperson, Who What Wear UK sat down with the Bridgerton star at Cannes Film Festival to talk through the best beauty tips she picked up on the Bridgerton set, the makeup products you’ll always find in her bag (including her signature fragrance) and her advice for unlocking inner confidence.(Image credit: Courtesy of L’Oréal Paris)What is your favourite beauty product you cannot live without, and what would be Kate Sharma’s?I love mascara. Even if I’m doing like ‘no-makeup’ or a full face, I love mascara. I love my L’Oreal Paris Panorama Mascara (£13) and Kate’s? I think she’s just a no-makeup girl. Season three [of Bridgerton] is a bit different so I don’t know, I would say maybe maybe a nice lip.What beauty products can you never be without in your bag?My mascara, water— I always stay hydrated—and I love my L’Oréal Paris Paradise Lumi Glotion (£12) I like to use it on my my cheekbones every now and then just gives me makes me feel a bit glowy.Do you prefer a strong eye makeup look, or a strong lip?I’m more confident with an eye makeup look. Lips I want to experiment with a bit more.What is the best piece of beauty advice that you have ever received?To grow my eyebrows out. My makeup artist Alex Babsky a few years ago just told me to grow them out. And that was my best piece of advice.What is your signature fragrance?Nakuna Ralli Eau De Parfum (£118)— I got this perfume that is just amazing. I think it’s sold out everywhere now. I got my last bottle last year and I dropped it when I was in Vegas and it just smashed everywhere. So I need to go and get it again. But that’s my favourite. It’s super beautiful. It’s like floral rosy but not too sweet. It’s my favourite perfume ever. And I can’t find it anywhere.What’s the best beauty tip that you’ve learned from being on set?To not pop my spots! I guess that’s a skincare tip. My best beauty tip? How to fill my eyebrows. I think every makeup artist does it differently. But I like to observe and see which one suits me best.How did it feel to attend the L’Oréal Paris Lights on Women’s Worth Awards during Cannes Film Festival?It was such an honour. I had such a warm welcome from Delphine Viguier-Hovasse and everyone on that table—Viola Davis, Elle Fanning, Helen Mirren, Andie MacDowell, the list goes on. And I was just so happy and quite taken aback that I was there. So just really honoured and I can’t wait to continue this journey.You’ve been really busy this year. Can you describe what the past few months have been?It’s been very busy but very enjoyable. I was just in the States doing Bridgerton promo. I’m just beaming for Luke [Newton] and Nicola [Coughlan], I truly think this is the best season yet. And they’ve taken it in their stride so powerfully. Nicola especially, I just think she’s amazing and such an inspiration to women. So I’ve been busy with that. I have two movies coming out this year, so prepping for that as well.How does it feel to have been able to represent south Asian women and their ancient beauty rituals in Bridgerton?I feel very proud to represent my culture. You know, the goal is that we don’t have to talk about it anymore. We are still having these conversations because there are many spaces to fill. So I think people will feel inspired and empowered seeing themselves being represented.Did you discover anything about yourself in taking on the roles you have in your career?I think I’m proud of myself when there’s challenges that come that I might find exhausting in the sense that I might feel like giving up, or feel like I can’t overcome them, I really think I do. I do think I’m very good at learning quickly. And I’ve always had self confidence in myself, and I hope that that’s something that women can learn from me.If you could choose anyone to play next, who would it be?Oh wow… I can’t say! Sorry.Where will we see you next in your career?I’ve got two movies coming out this year. One is called Picture This that’s coming out this summer which I exec-produced on, and it’s my first time exec-producing. It’s very much in the vein of Bridget Jones, that kind of vibe. So I’m very excited for the world to watch that. And it’s my first time doing a rom-com as well, so that was very exciting. And also a movie called This Tempting Madness, which is the opposite end of the scale. It’s very contrasting. It’s a psychological thriller, which I shot last year, straight after Cannes, actually, so this feels like a bit of a full 360 to be talking about it now in Cannes. I’m incredibly excited for that movie. I hope it shows a side of me that maybe people are surprised of. I’m excited about it and I hope audiences are as well.Is there anything you wear or do for yourself that helps you unlock your confidence?Self care unlocks my confidence. I go to Pilates or yoga, or go get a nice massage or spend some time with my friends. And that to me is self care. So when I do that I feel confident and I feel happy. I feel recharged.How have you seen your fashion sense develop over the years?I think confidence is a big element of fashion. And I think my confidence has developed.As someone who plays different people for a living, how do you stay true to yourself? Instinct. I guess that’s a feeling more than anything, and following that and trusting that.Who do you look up to in your life and career? I look up to the women around me; my friends, my family, my colleagues and co-stars. I always look up to the women around me.Shop Simone Ashley’s Beauty Favourites

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Ralli Eau De Parfum

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