New Parent Gift Guide For Any Kind Of Parent

New Parent Gift Guide For Any Kind Of Parent

Let’s be real. The only thing new parents want, usually, is sleep and food. Offering to cook or dropping off food (see our foodie gift guide!) or offering some hours of babysitting time is gold, but it’s not always realistic. The next best thing? Gifts that will give parents some free time by keeping their children entertained or sleeping longer.

Click through our slideshow for a look at gifts new parents (and, most importantly, their babies) will love.

  • Bibs


    There are certain brands, like Bibs, that have a cult following that you can't explain until you have your own child. They make items that at first glance might look like competitors (though those brands usually have knocked off Bibs) but somehow babies react to them completely differently. Whether it be their pacifiers or their play things, babies love these items. It's also important to note that babies put everything in their mouth, so buying from brands like Bibs that thoughtfully produce all their items is critical. It's not something many people think about, but many baby products are made with hormone-disrupting materials.

  •  7AM Enfant

    7AM Enfant

    You can't really be an UES mom without 7AM Enfant. And there's actually a good reason for that! I swear by their products for keeping my son warm and cozy and for never getting sick. Literally he didn't get sick the whole winter because he was snuggled up in their pieces last year. You can't go wrong with any of their popular Blanket212, Car Seat Cocoon or Warmmuffs. But I also highly recommend their new Jumpsuit/Snowsuit Bébé for infants as it's a lot easier to put on than a bunch of layers.

  • Banana Panda

    Banana Panda

    These unique accordion books from Banana Panda say they're for 1+ but my son was playing with them a lot earlier. I gave him one often when he was in the stroller and it distracted him for a solid stretch of time and when he inevitably threw it on the floor, I loved these books because they're so easy to find.

  • Cali's Books

    Cali's Books

    Cali's Books are truly special. Each book is interactive – they even have ones you can personalize with your voice! From yoga to Mozart, Cali's Books is amazing for cultivating a love of books from day one.

  • SlumperPod


    SlumperPod is a gift for everyone in the family whether you live in a home without blackout shades or are traveling. Basically it's a tent you pop over a travel size crib to create a dark environment for your baby. I used it on a recent trip and it's the only reason I didn't go totally insane sharing a room with my son.

  • Snuggle Me

    Snuggle Me

    It's game changing when a baby learns to hold their own bottle, till then any new parent will thank you for this Snuggle Me Feeding Support Pillow. It's also a wonderful tummy time prop.

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