May 2021 Horoscopes: The Power Lives Within You


Close your eyes. Hold your breath. Let your imagination go. Now breathe. Where does your spirit take you?
Very soon we will be entering a portal of growth—a period for dreams to come into reality. It will be a time when your powers of manifestation become stronger, when your intuition senses in more vivid colors, and when our connection to the Earth, the Universe, and each other feels more fluid. It will be, in many ways, like we have fallen asleep into a fantasy. But we will wonder if our lives—and what came before—were merely just the dream all along.

Jupiter, our great planet of miracles and blessings, will soon enter Pisces—one of the zodiac signs it rules. When this takes place, particularly from May 13 until July 28, we will feel the frequency of life shift. Soul mate connections could be around every corner and our lives will be more harmonious with our spirits. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and here, as he swims through the tropical seas of Pisces, our imaginations, hearts, and souls will seek to grow like an ever-expanding galaxy. As we enter May, this is why I prepare this message: anything you put your energy, thoughts, and actions toward can be yours and may more easily manifest. On one hand, this can be a blessing—and bring you that love, home, or career you’ve longed for. But on the other, it can also imprison you within delusion and fantasy, especially if you are not facing the truth and just waiting for things to come to you. The choice will be yours in the months to come—and in 2022—when this cycle occurs once again. Above all, remember that the power lives within you.

Find out what May has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below!


May 2021 Horoscopes: The Power Lives Within You

Charge into May, Aries. As the new moon arrives on the 11th, you’ll be ready to welcome more prosperity to your life. This lunation falls in your financial sector and may help you to get a handle on your money. Use the time now to look for a new job or lucrative client if you’re eager, while the Universe could also bring a raise your way from your current employer.
Mid-month, Jupiter will enter your sector of rest for the months ahead, bringing you an opportunity to heal anything that has haunted you in the past decade. Pay heed to what your dreams are saying.
A lunar eclipse arrives on the 26th, bringing a destined shift in your expansion sector. This powerful moment could mean a milestone around an academics, publishing, or traveling endeavor.


May 2021 Horoscopes: The Power Lives Within You

Show the world your star power, Taurus. It’s birthday season! The most fortunate new moon of the year arrives for you on the 11th—the only one in your zodiac sign in 2021. This will open a doorway for you to pursue your most important personal goals and plans.
Mid-month, benevolent Jupiter soars into your social sector, seeing you lifted up by friends and the supporters who believe in you. Prepare for a major dose of popularity!
Later in the month, a lunar eclipse in your intimacy sector arrives on the 26th—putting the focus on the balance in your relationships. You could be feeling the urge to assess if you’re truly getting your needs met. This same lunation could bring a destined financial shift your way in the form of an approval for a loan, a large payout, or even the arrival of a divorce settlement.


May 2021 Horoscopes: The Power Lives Within You

At the onset of May, you’ll be feeling the urge to lie low, rest, and recharge. The new moon on the 11th is the quietest of the year for you, helping you to think deeply about what you truly want. Use this time to create a vision board of how you’d like to grow.
Benevolent Jupiter moves mid-month into your achievements sector, bringing exciting growth and expansion to your professional life for the months to come. Bask in the spotlight!
To end the month, a destined turning point in your relationships arrives near May 26. This lunar eclipse may provide a reckoning to move forward or walk separate ways with your most significant partner. Some Geminis could decide it’s time to move in, become engaged, or be wed, while others will realize it’s time to soar to new horizons.


May 2021 Horoscopes: The Power Lives Within You

May will be filled with cosmic blessings just for you, Cancer. As the new moon arrives on the 11th, your social sector will see a surge of adrenaline. This lunation could bring news of a lavish event or a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your closest group of friends. Find ways to expand your network at this time and you could gain a whole new level of popularity.
Mid-month, Jupiter will move into a fellow water sign, forming a harmonious angle to your zodiac sign. This means that you’ll be stepping into a portal of growth and expansion.
To end the month, a lunar eclipse in your productivity sector arrives on the 26th. This lunation could bring a destined shift around your employment or health—so keep an eye on your work-life balance to ensure you are in charge of your routine.


May 2021 Horoscopes: The Power Lives Within You

Ascend the throne in May, Leo. A new moon in your achievements sector appears on the 11th, opening a doorway to more success, glory, or even fame. Launch initiatives and make plans, as you could rise especially high now.
Mid-month, benevolent Jupiter will pirouette into your intimacy sector, helping you to heal relationship traumas and open yourself up more deeply to trust.
To end the month, a lunar eclipse in your passion sector lights up the world on the 26th. This lunation may bring a destined culmination to a romantic or creative matter. Some Leos could cross paths with a soul mate or find themselves truly in love.


May 2021 Horoscopes: The Power Lives Within You

With a new moon arriving in your expansion zone on the 11th, you’re ready to set sail and soar to new horizons, Virgo. This could bring you the impetus to further pursue an academic, media, or traveling matter. No matter what, focus on bringing more wisdom into your awareness and you may find a whole new perspective of what it means to be human.
Mid-month, Jupiter dances across the sky from you, opening the doorway to closer relationships than ever before. In the months to come or in 2022, many Virgos could decide it’s time to move in, get engaged, or even be married. Single Virgos could finally meet their true soul mate connection.
To end the month, a lunar eclipse in your domestic sphere arrives on May 26. This could bring a destined shift around home or family matters. Some Virgos could move or decide it’s time renovate, while others may be required to step in to aid a family member in need.


Welcome to May, Libra. A new moon in your intimacy sector on the 11th will help you feel the urge to merge. This will highlight your innermost needs and desires in a relationship. Use this period to openly communicate what you require so you can grow closer than ever before.
Mid-month, Jupiter will shower your productivity sector in gold, potentially bringing more ease and happiness to your employment matters for many weeks to come.
Finally, to end a major month, a lunar eclipse arrives on the 26th. This will bring a destined event regarding communication your way. You may now be in the process of launching a significant writing, speaking, advertising, or social media endeavor. It is clear you have a deeply important message to broadcast. Do so proudly.


It is time for two to become one, Scorpio. The new moon on May 11 falls within your partnership sector, helping you to make plans together, grow closer, or even make forever promises. Single Scorpios can share in this vibration too by searching for someone with staying potential.
Mid-month, benevolent Jupiter will soar into your passion sector for the months ahead, bringing the fire of love to your heart. Committed Scorpios could feel the spark reignited, while single ones could find they cross paths with a soul mate.
To end the month, a major lunar eclipse in your prosperity sector will rock your world on the 26th. This lunation could potentially bring a shift in your finances, perhaps in the form of a raise, lucrative client, or new job.


It’s time to pick up the pace, Sagittarius. A new moon in your productivity sector appears on May 11, opening a doorway for you to achieve a better work-life balance. More projects could come your way or, if looking for a better job, you could now be in luck!
Mid-month, your ruler, Jupiter, packs up and moves into your domestic zone. This could bring great blessings to your home and family for weeks to come. If seeking your dream home, the stars may now be aligned.
To end the month, one of the most important moments of 2021 has arrived. A lunar eclipse in your zodiac sign will appear on May 26, bringing destiny to your door. It’s time to step into your power. No longer will you be caged by what limits you. It is time to soar.


Open your heart, Capricorn. A new moon on May 11 will bring passion, romance, and creativity to your soul. This is the most important time of the year to make love a top priority, as singles may now cross paths with wonderful suitors while committed Capricorns can bring the lightning back into their connection.
Mid-month, benevolent Jupiter will soar into your communications sector for months ahead, bringing brilliant ideas to your mind. You may now develop a deeply important message to you and soon be ready to broadcast it to the world.
To end the month, a lunar eclipse in your sector of release and closure takes place on the 26th. This lunation will help you to focus on your mental health and may bring karma to your door. Find ways to bring serenity and peace to your soul.


A new moon on May 11 will open a doorway to bring more stability to your domestic sector, Aquarius. This may provide the impetus to move, renovate, or even reconnect with your family.
Mid-month, benevolent Jupiter will briefly leave your zodiac sign to shower his blessings of fortune and gold onto your prosperity sector. More money may potentially come your way, so be on the lookout for how you can make your bank account grow.
To end the month, a mighty lunar eclipse in your social sector will set fireworks off within the sky on May 26. This lunation may bring a destined shift around your friendships and network. You may attend an event that holds both personal and professional opportunities or notice that someone steps in to provide an introduction to help you pursue one of your most heartfelt hopes and dreams.


May arrives with endless possibilities for you, Pisces. At the onset, a new moon in your communications sector arrives on the 11th. This may help you to begin work on a milestone writing, speaking, advertising, or social media project.
However, the most important shift begins when your co-ruler, Jupiter, enters your zodiac sign beginning May 13. For the weeks ahead, you are crowned as the “Celestial Favorite” and could soon see many new beginnings birthed into your world. Luck favors you now—a brief preview of what 2022 entails.
To end the month, your mind shifts to your ambitions, as a destined lunar eclipse in your achievements sector arrives on the 26th. This could be the moment you’ve waited for as you skyrocket to success and perhaps even fame.

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