Kick Off Summer With These Fashionably Mouthwatering Snacks


We’ve rounded some of the latest launches to keep you satisfied whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, cheesy or in between. Plus, a special bar rich in anti-aging antioxidants.

Kick Off Summer With These Fashionably Mouthwatering Snacks

  • Crumbs

    Crumbs is back and even better than you remembered because now they also have cookies! Buy these in bulk and freeze them – they freeze incredibly well and defrost very fast.

  • KIND Soft Baked Granola

    KIND Soft Baked Granola

    KIND's latest launches include Soft Baked Granola in Dark Chocolate Chunk, which combines whole grain oats with – you guessed it – dark chocolate chunks and cocoa powder to help keep the body energized and satisfied. Plus, unlike traditional crunchy granola, this granola offers a uniquely soft and chewy texture.

  • One Degree Organics

    One Degree Organics

    Recent studies in chrono-nutrition suggest that having a larger breakfast can benefit your metabolism, reduce the risk of chronic disease and impact your body’s ability to burn and store fat. That's where One Degree Organics comes in. They makes better-for-you options like instant oatmeal, sprouted cereals, sprouted granolas and sprouted oats, many of which are offered in unique flavors like Coconut Hibiscus Tea.

  • Glow Beauty Fuel

    Glow Beauty Fuel

    Glow Beauty Bar makes anti-oxidant rich protein bars loaded with "daily beauty supplements." Each bar includes an equivalent of 15 beauty supplements and is filled with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, hibiscus flower and bioactive collagen. Pick from Orange Dream, Cherry Grazie and Chocolate Mania.

  • Seedwise


    SeedWise cookies are made with seed flour and are baked in-house. They're also free from the top nine food allergens, are low in sugar, are soft-baked and… most importantly, snackably delicious.

  • Primal Kitchen

    Primal Kitchen

    If you're looking for something to dip your crackers or chips in, look no further than Primal Kitchen. They have a some of the best no-dairy, sugar-free, plant-based options (most dips are loaded with unnecessary additives, including sugar – even if they're not sweet!).

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