Kate’s Picks: 5 Things I Tried in April and Loved


Have you ever tried Cheez-It’s straight out of the fridge? Or found yourself enmeshed in the world of alien and reptilian conspiracy theories? In this month’s round-up of things I tried and loved, I’m sharing my experiences with both of those things (and more). Read on for all the info.
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Kate's Picks: 5 Things I Tried in April and Loved

Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do by Jennifer L. Eberhardt


This book opened my eyes to how deeply biases affect the way we see patterns in the world. Through her writing, author Jennifer L. Eberhardt looks at the way racism seeps into the way we see patterns in the world. How often do we decide our opinion on something without taking in new information? This book has helped to engrain the deep importance of asking the right kinds of questions of ourselves before forming opinions.



Kate's Picks: 5 Things I Tried in April and Loved
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R+Co TEACUP Hair Rinse


My hairstylist used this rinse on my hair after my last cut and color and my hair was so so light, fluffy, and soft afterward. It removes harsh metals and minerals that build up in your hair, helps prevent color fade-out, and nourishes dry strands. It smells so good and only adds an extra minute or two in the shower.



Kate's Picks: 5 Things I Tried in April and Loved

Brightland Chili Olive Oil


This chili oil adds just enough heat in a gorgeous, deep orange hue. Add it to just about anything for a little extra kick: eggs, pasta, pizza, or sandwiches. The price point is a bit higher than certain olive oils but the unique flavor is something I haven’t found elsewhere—it really does transform any dish into something special. (This would also make a lovely gift for any home cook in your life!)

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The Opportunist Podcast

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Season 1 of this podcast is about the wild true story of doomsday cult leader Sherry Shriner. It’s particularly interesting given the rise of misinformation and groupthink that runs rampant on the Internet.



Frozen Cheez-Its


I received a very important tip from a fellow Cheez-It lover: Store them in the freezer. I immediately tried it and, yes, these morsels of frozen goodness indeed taste VERY GOOD. But why? I think it’s mostly because cheese just tastes better cold. Or maybe it’s a surprising sensation of something flakey and crunchy and cheesy also being cold. They don’t taste any different, just…better? Regardless, give this snack hack a try for yourself.


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