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With so many beauty brands on the market now (and many new beauty products launching every month) we’ve never had so much choice on where to shop for our skincare, makeup, haircare and fragrance. So when Beauty Pie launched back in 2017 and disrupted the beauty industry with it’s beauty members club model, I had several friends ask me: “Is Beauty Pie worth it?” and “How does it work?” If you’ve landed here, you’re probably wondering the same before investing in a membership. So, I’m sharing my honest thoughts on whether a Beauty Pie membership is worth it and the products I truly think are worth trying if you decide to go for it. Scroll ahead for everything you need to know.What is Beauty Pie, and how does it work?Founded by beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore (who is behind iconic beauty brands such as Soap & Glory, Bliss and FitFlop), she saw an opportunity to bring beauty products direct from the factories and labs—that make many of your luxury products you already own and love—but without the markups that traditional beauty brands layer into the final price of their products. For example, a typical moisturiser might cost £15 to make, but once a brand has paid for advertising, their celebrity ambassador, the cost of luxury (and often unrecyclable) packaging and retailer overheads, that same moisturiser price tag can easily end up being £100 once it hits the shelves. A Beauty Pie membership cuts out these middle-men, so you basically pay the factory price for expertly formulated products. It’s pretty genius.To access the cheaper prices, you’ll need to buy a monthly or annual membership. It’s not a beauty box subscription, so you can choose exactly the products you want and buy as much or as little as you like. Think of it as a Costco for beauty, allowing you to enjoy products at a more affordable price point. On each product, you’ll see the ‘Typical Price’ versus the member price, so you get an idea of the calibre of the product. You’ll also see Beauty Pie listing the country that each product is made as they work with many incredible labs across the world. For instance, the best skincare formulations often come from Switzerland and Japan, whereas the best makeup formulas are typically Italian-made.The MembershipsYou can choose between two memberships, Annual and Monthly.Annual: Costs £59 per year (averaging about £5 per month)Monthly: Costs £10 per monthAt the moment you can access a two month free trial which allows you to get a feel for the products before committing to an annual membership.You can also buy the products if you’re not a member at the typical price, if you do just want to try something as a one-off.Is Beauty Pie Worth It?Having tried Beauty Pie’s membership and several of its skincare, makeup, hair care, body care and fragrance products, I can whole-heartedly say yes, it’s so worth it if you’re a beauty lover who likes premium products without the matching price tag. The formulations are amazing and are at very competitive price point, so you can easily claw back the cost of the membership through the amount you’ll be saving from buying the discounted rates through Beauty Pie. If you’re very loyal to other brands, or like to try lots of different brands, however you’ll maybe want to consider if the additional cost of the membership on top is worth it.If you’re unsure, I’d recommend going for the free trial anyway and get a feel for the products. My personal favourite category to shop from Beauty Pie is the skincare. The formulas are so brilliant that many of the serums have replaced some of my favourite products I’ve tried in my job as a beauty journalist. The Triple Hyaluronic Acid Serum is one of the best hydrating and plumping serums I’ve tried (I’ve now finished my fourth bottle) and the Superdose Vitamin C serum rivals one industry favourite that is six times the price tag. I would buy a membership purely to access the skincare at Beauty Pie’s price points.On the makeup front, Beauty Pie often do great industry collaborations with makeup greats such as Pati Dubroff, Sam Chapman and James Molloy, and the eyeshadow sticks and undereye correctors are some of the best around I’ve tried. I’m also a huge fan of Beauty Pie’s candles (you have to try Clean House) which have the most amazing throw to fill a home with scent and come in many expensive-smelling scents.If you’re thinking of getting a membership or want to know which products are worth trying, scroll ahead for the best Beauty Pie products I buy with my membership and that I’d genuinely recommend to anyone.Shop My Beauty Pie Favourites

Beauty Pie
Triple Hyaluronic Acid Lipopeptide Serum

Typical Price: £45Member Price: £24I’ve written extensively about how much I love this hyaluronic acid serum (read my review of the Triple Hyaluronic Acid serum here) and I’ve now finished my fourth bottle of it. It’s truly amazing at not only hydrating, but plumping the skin too. I see visible results after a month of use and I really notice how my skin changes when I stop using it in favour of other hyaluronic acid serums and inevitably come crawling back. It can’t be topped IMO. I’m about to go and buy my next bottle.

Beauty Pie
C-Wave Light Facial Dual Light Led Treatment Mask

Typical Price: £250Member Price: £99One of my favourite parts about being a Beauty Pie member is getting access to crazy-good discounts, like this LED face mask. The market value for this device is around the £250 mark, but it’s only £99 for members—making it a total steal in comparison to other LED masks on offer. It delivers both red and infrared light to the skin to plump, encourage collagen product and healing while reducing pigmentation and firming the skin. When I use this nightly, I notice such a difference in my complexion. This sells out fast, so when it comes back into stock you’ll need to be poised to get your hands on it.

Beauty Pie
Clean House Luxury Scented Candle

Typical Price: £34Member Price: £20You know that feeling when you’ve spring-cleaned your home from top to bottom and unloaded a fresh load of clean bed linen? This candle smells exactly like that. Beauty Pie describe it as “Lavender, freesia and magnolia flowers bundled in fresh white cotton sheets then spritzed with a nudge of musk,” and I can confirm they are correct. This might be my favourite candle ever.

Beauty Pie
Superdose Vitamin C C-Suite Rapid Action Power Brightener

Typical Price: £100Member Price: £24This serum reminds me of a very expensive vitamin C serum out there, but it’s at a fraction of the cost. I used this consistently for a couple of weeks and was amazed at how clear it made my skin. Post-acne scarring faded and my skin had a glow I’d not experienced before. This is coming back into stock very soon and I’ll be repurchasing another bottle.

Beauty Pie
Super Healthy Skin Deluxe Body Moisture Crème

Typical Price: £32Member Price: £19I’m normally not all that fussed about body lotions but this changed everything for me. This body cream is the most buttery, nourishing oil-in-cream body moisturiser that melts into the skin to leave your limbs feeling luxuriously supple. The large jar lasts a really long time, and having tried a lot of expensive body creams, I can confirm this is just as good.

Beauty Pie
Superluminous Under-Eye Genius

Typical Price: £20Member Price: £12I recently wrote a review of the Beauty Pie Superluminous Under-Eye Genius as it did such a great job at concealing my under eye darkness and hollowness. It counteracts the dark tones found around the eye area (and comes in three shades depending on what tones you have) to disguise under eye circles. Think of it as a complement to your concealer. You’ll find you’ll need less concealer or can even forgo it completely with this.

Beauty Pie
For Jugglers Multi-Botanical Blend With Ksm-66 Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and Vitamin B5

Typical Price: £37Member Price: £22If you lead a busy lifestyle (who doesn’t these days?) then these supplements are a must try for times when you want to both focus and de-stress during hectic days. These make a noticeable difference to my energy levels by making me feel less lethargic and I find my concentration and focus is generally better when I take these. They’re a great supplement to take during the shift in seasons or if you’re feeling out of sorts, and they’re far less expensive than other supplements out there.

Beauty Pie
Youthbomb 360° Radiance Concentrate Serum

Typical Price: £93Member Price: £44This is one of Beauty Pie’s most high-tech formulas, and I still cannot believe it’s only £44 for the level of innovation you get in this serum. Created with a top dermatologist, this is like having a derm appointment in a bottle to leave skin plumped, smoother, firmer and clearer. My skin glows after using it.

Beauty Pie
Super Healthy Hair Detox Wash Shampoo

Typical Price: £25Member Price: £14I love a luxury shampoo, but if it weren’t for my job as a beauty editor I would never justify spending much more than £20 on haircare. Thankfully, Beauty Pie’s formulas are just as luxe and won’t make your bank account cry. This detoxing shampoo is particularly good for removing build up from your hair to leave it feeling weightless, bouncy and oh so shiny.

Beauty Pie
Super Healthy Skin Featherlight UVA/UVB SPF 50 Sunscreen + Primer

Typical Price: £25Member Price: £15I come back to this SPF all the time, as it really does function brilliantly as both sun protection and a lightweight primer all in one. The watery-cream texture melts into the skin (without a white cast) without any fuss and primes the skin for makeup too should you want to follow up with foundation. It also contains antioxidants and peptides to help your skin glow as you wear it. There’s a reason why it won a Who What Wear Next In Beauty Award.

Beauty Pie
Wondercolour Longwear Cream Eyeshadow Stick

Typical Price: £20Member Price: £12Luxury eyeshadow sticks can cost a small fortune, which is why I like Beauty Pie’s which don’t break the bank, so you can easily stock up on a couple of shades. They’re completely fool-proof too. Simply scribble onto the lids and blend out with a brush or your fingertips and enjoy the crease-free formula and beautiful colour pay-off.

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