I’m Curvy and Live for Baggy Denim—15 Pairs I Swear By


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As fashion editors tell it, skinny jeans are due for a comeback: Celine is endorsing it, and Giselle Bundchen is wearing them again like its 2003—but the 90s-fixated person in me (because honestly, that was such a time in fashion) won't let baggy denim go. So bring on the puddle pants—I want to be able to swim in my denim. But as effortless as Bella Hadid or Hailey Bieber make it seem, finding good baggy jeans is much more complicated when you're not a size 2. I previously documented the complicated journey of buying denim when you have a curvier body, and I'm happy to report that it does get easier when it comes to loose-fitting jeans. After trying on dozens of pairs (literally) here are some key tips I discovered along the way: wide-leg or styles that are explicitly baggy are always better. Ultimately these silhouettes will always frame and drape the body better than say sizing up on a style that leans more narrow. Following that line of thinking, don't be afraid to size up! For some of my all-time favorite jeans, I went up two sizes to secure that effortlessly off-duty model look I love so much. Also, keep this sizing advice in mind especially when it comes to rigid denim (the material doesn't accommodate curves the way some with spandex in them do!). And lastly, don't be afraid of taking things to the tailor—so many of my stylist friends consistently get their denim tailored to ensure the best fit possible. Now that you know the shortcuts to finding a great pair of jeans, I've assembled a list of my current go-to jeans to achieve the cool-girl loose denim look. The good news: most of these don't require an extra trip to the tailor to get them right, they're pretty amazing as is. Keep scrolling to see my all of my recommendations.

Most people don't realize how good Reformation's denim is, which is not so bad news for those of us that love it. There really is more to Reformation than cutesy sundresses and linen pants—after giving its denim a try during a casual shopping trip, this style emerged as a favorite of the bunch. They hug my waist well with virtually no gapping, and since its constructed to be slouchy it gives the loose look without looking sloppy.

I'll say something controversial: I'm not a fan of Levi's 501s. They just don't fit over my hips and butt without compromising the waist. No worries though, because I found my ideal Levi's style: the Baggy Dad Jeans.

As the description reveals on Reformation's website, these fit more snugly around the waist, so I'd advise sizing up and wearing them with a belt.

This is a PSA to check out Mango's denim offering. From the fabric to the silhouettes and washes, I'm consistently impressed with how great their denim is. I also won't argue against jeans that are under $100.

If you're a curvy girl that hasn't given Mother Denim a go, you are genuinely missing out. Out of my top 5 pairs of my entire denim collection, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say half of them are Mother Denim—I love that the brand's sizing is more generous than a lot of its competitors. The Snacks collection—which was just released last year—takes on the popularity of oversized fits with new styles that are exaggeratedly slouchy and loose. The Pleated Fun Dip delightfully pools at the ankles for proper puddle pants moment.

If you know you know: Abercrombie makes some of the best jeans on the market. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when Abercrombie jeans took over the hearts and minds of the TikTok crowd, but they have grown to become one of the internet's most beloved denim brands. My personal obsession is with its Curve Love line—a range of jeans that have more room around the hips and back, with a slightly narrower waist. It seems negligible but those tweaks to proportion make all the difference when you have curves.

It wouldn't be right to talk about denim without having Madewell on the list. Like Abercrombie, Madewell offers a line targeted to curvy bodies, with a more pinched in waist and room around the hips. I usually avoid low-waist jeans but these made me a believer.

I've given several pairs of Agolde jeans a test drive, but my heart belongs to the Dagna. They're intentionally baggy so there's more room (whereas other Agolde styles cling to my thighs), topped off with a cool pleat detail.

As you can probably tell from above, these are more narrow at the ankle which makes them perfect for styling a pair of heels or tall boots.

When I'm in the mood for jeans with some pizazz, I immediately reach for these. The crossover waistline really makes basics like a simple bodysuit pop, so I consider these essential for styling the more basic pieces of my wardrobe. To get them extra loose, I went up two sizes, but they're already slightly loose as is so I'm sure going up only one size will suffice.

I own the low-rise version of these (which I also love), but I'm also too devoted to high-waist jeans to say no. I especially love to style them with heels for a causal night-out look.

If you have a bigger budget, might I suggest these from AG Denim? They feel quite luxe and substantial, which is good news if you've ever ended up with worn-out holes in the thighs of your jeans (like me!). In terms of sizing, its a super wide leg, so the fit leans more like a sailor pant than say 90s denim, but the overall look is still stylishly baggy.

The point-toe heel and puddle pant combo is the one to beat in fashion girl world right now, so I've been looking for the perfect pair of pants to make that happen. Enter these from Topshop. Just a warning they are rigid denim, so to accommodate your curves yes, you'll want to go up a size.

Urban Outfitters has been on the baggy denim trend for years, and before most brands, so naturally, its selection is pretty robust. BDG plays into Gen-Z tastes heavy, which means the silhouettes are a little more exaggerated and oversized than what you'd elsewhere. I love playing with extreme silhouettes so consider me a fan.

Another favorite from Citizens of Humanity—these are wider than the Eva jeans mentioned above so the resulting look is a bit 70s-inspired (which I'm not mad about).

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