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If you're at all interested in fashion (which is expected given what you're reading RN) and were anywhere near Instagram last week, I assume your feed was as inundated with pictures of Phoebe Philo's debut collection—full of scarf coats, cowhide tote bags, hand-combed trousers, and oversize eyewear—as mine was. After nearly six years of waiting, no one in the industry seemed able to control their excitement over the former Céline designer's comeback.

Even with the extremely high price point of Philo's first drop, most of it sold out in a matter of hours, pretty much guaranteeing that the brand's first street-style sightings were imminent. Now, just over a week later, they've arrived, and no, they absolute did not disappoint. From Netherlands-based influencer Anouk Yve's handbag styling to former Victoria's Secret Angel turned quiet-luxury style maven Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's haul, the first glimpses of Phoebe Philo in the wild are yours for the taking below.

After sharing this sneak peek at her new Phoebe Philo deliveries in an Instagram post, Huntington-Whiteley added her head-to-toe Philo outfit to her IG Stories, wearing the much-talked about leather scarf jacket as well as matching trousers, cat-eye sunglasses, heeled ankle boots, and a classic black-leather tote bag in her driveway on a very autumnal afternoon.

On Rosie Huntington Whiteley: Phoebe Philo Jacket With Attachable Scarf ($8900), Classic Trousers ($1600), Peak Sunglasses ($450), and Soft Square-Toe Ankle Boot 90 ($1750), Small Kit Cabas ($4300)

On Anouk Yve: Phoebe Philo Small Kit Cabas ($4800). Two days after posting an unboxing and review of the Small Kit Cabas tote on IG Reels, Yve shared a nine-outfit slideshow with three of the looks featuring her new bag. Here, she styled it with a brown herringbone blazer, a gray cardigan, wide-leg dark-wash jeans, and ballet flats. The other two ensembles showcased the Cabas tote with white jeans, one with a long coat and white Converse and the other with a heavy blazer and point-toe stilettos.

On Anouk Yve: Phoebe Philo Small Kit Cabas ($4800)

On Anouk Yve: Phoebe Philo Small Kit Cabas ($4800)

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