Essential Oils for Weight Loss: Read What 7 Experts Have to Say!


Diving into the aromatic world of essential oils, we’ve gathered insights from seven experts, including naturopathic physicians and certified clinical aromatherapists.

7 Health Experts’ Input on Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Read what essential oils are and their mechanism of action on the body, from a naturopathic doctor’s perspective to a fitness developer’s advice on realistic expectations. Explore their professional opinions on the effectiveness of essential oils for weight loss in our latest Q&A feature.

  • Naturopathic Doctor Discusses Essential Oils
  • Health Expert Skeptical of Oils for Weight Loss
  • Inhalation Over Internal Use for Weight Loss
  • Holistic Approach to Essential Oils and Wellness
  • Balanced Diet and Exercise Over Essential Oils
  • Fitness Developer Advises Realistic Expectations
  • Multifaceted Approach to Weight Loss with Oils

Naturopathic Doctor Discusses Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts, derived from plants that capture their natural smells and therapeutic properties. By processes such as distillation or cold pressing, these oils are obtained. Each type of essential oil consists of specific combinations of chemical compounds that can have different effects, on the body.

Essential oils can be applied topically (on the skin), by inhalation (aromatherapy), or internally (under professional guidance). Aromatic molecules, when inhaled, travel through the olfactory system to the brain and, in particular, impact the limbic system that relates to emotions, behavior, and memory. When absorbed through the skin, the topical application allows these compounds to enter the bloodstream and act there.

When it comes to weight loss, essential oils should be viewed as a complementary tool rather than a standalone solution. While there is limited scientific evidence directly linking essential oils to significant weight loss, they can support weight management efforts in several ways:

Appetite Suppression and Cravings Control, Stress Reduction, Metabolic Support, Boosting Energy Levels.

Essential oils could thus assist in weight loss as they address factors such as appetite control, coping with stress, and boosting metabolism and energy levels. Nevertheless, they should not be seen as a solution to the whole problem but should be carefully considered while designing an overall health plan.

Michael O. McKinney, Physician, Healthy Outlook, Inc.

Health Expert Skeptical of Oils for Weight Loss

It is different how essential oils act on human bodies, depending on the type of oil and its nature. When applied to the skin or inhaled, some have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, or sedative effects. For instance, lavender oil is famous for its calming features, while peppermint oil can be helpful during digestion and headaches.

Weight loss drives the marketing of essential oils, even though their performance here is minimal. Nonetheless, certain oils such as grapefruit and cinnamon can help increase metabolism or control hunger pangs, but they don’t provide a quick-fix way to lose weight. The process of weight reduction is multifaceted and necessitates an amalgamation of a healthy eating plan, regular physical exercise, as well as lifestyle changes.

I believe in tapping into a broader scope of healing methods when maintaining wellness but with some realism. Essential oils can complement a healthy lifestyle but never depend on them to shed pounds. To this end, it is important to seek medical advice from a healthcare provider before using essential oils, more so if one has underlying health conditions or they are expectant.

Akanksha Kulkarni, Health Expert, Prowise Healthcare

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