Don’t Sleep on Strawberry-Scented Perfumes—10 Our Picky Editors Love Most


Fruity fragrances often fall into distinct categories of perfume that suggest they only be worn when in the presence of warm weather. This could largely be attributed to that fact that many of the popular fragrances we've all gotten our hands on at one time or another, have featured fruity notes that are layered against powdery florals, musky ambers, and milk to add some warmth and dimension.

Being more attracted to fresh, green florals myself, I've always found a certain fascination with what we tend to associate with distinctly fruity notes (especially strawberry). Leave it to Who What Wear's highly selective beauty editors to identify 10 of the top strawberry-scented fragrances you'll want to try before they soar off the shelves. Hungry for more? Keep reading to find out which ones we can't get enough of.

Key notes: Juicy berries, rose absolute, soft musk. I'm a longtime fan of Philosophy's line of versatile and timeless fragrances, especially Amazing Grace. The brand's eau de parfum intense version of this classic fragrance is formulated to last longer but includes all the charming fruity, floral, and musky notes of the original (including strawberry).

Key notes: Wild strawberry, pink pepper, tangerine. This one is hard to find in stores (I've just recently gotten my hands on it) but Jimmy Choo's Flash will always be one of my favorite 'more mature' strawberry fragrances. It combines notes of wild strawberry with pink pepper and a splash of tangerine for an unforgettable scent that's just the right amount of sweet and spicy.

Key notes: Violet accord, iris, strawberry. If I had to pick the Guerlain fragrance that perfectly evokes the warmth and sweetness of spring days, it would be Guerlain's Insolence. The eau de parfum balances notes of violet accord and bright iris with sheer orange blossom and, of course, strawberry for an enticing scent I'm obsessed with.

Key notes: Datura flower, patchouli, dark berries. I won't lie: I may have fallen in love with this eau de parfum's super chic bottle first, but the fragrance it houses is by far one of the best more sensual fruity fragrances I've experienced in a while. If you're looking to update your night time fragrance for one that's effortlessly feminine, this is one you'll definitely want to consider.

Key notes: Calabrian bergamot, wild strawberry accord, amber. Fact: Valentino's Valentina Eau de Parfum is one of the most romantic perfumes we've shared to date (it's most definitely among the prettiest). With an extensive list of floral, fruity, and slightly spicy fragrance notes, Valentina is my pick for this list's best day-to-night perfume.

Key notes: Gardenia, berries, velvety musk. If you're looking for a strawberry-scented perfume that's more on the sheer side, you might want to consider this one. Cartier's La Panthère offers quiet opulence with a delightful blend of sweet gardenia and juicy berries agains a base of warm, velvety musk.

"This perfume is sweet and sophisticated (not over-the-top sugary like some other fruit-forward fragrances). I think it's because the berry notes are balanced with base notes of amber and musk. Although it's not my everyday perfume, I tend to wear it when I'm craving a sweet and classic scent."

Key notes: Strawberry, honey, moss. "If you like the original Marc Jacobs Daisy, you’ll also love her more vibrant and fruity sister, Eau So Intense. Notes of juicy strawberry and sweet honey are balanced out with crisp, green moss that makes for a unique and enticing scent. Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with any of the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances."

Key notes: Purple passion fruit, Shangri-La peony, vanilla orchid. "A classic fragrance that’s held a spot on my vanity for years. It has fruity top notes of bright grapefruit, sparkling passionfruit, and sweet strawberry, with blooming peony at the base. The inimitable addition of Ligurian pine makes it clean, fresh, and versatile enough for everyday wear. I also love the iconic pink-striped bottle."

Key notes: Dark berries, jasmine, musk-amber. "If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to get your hands on this magnetic, fruity gourmand scent. It opens with a burst of juicy berries, along with delicate jasmine and violet notes. A base of heavenly amber and musk then deepens the fragrance. Be prepared for compliments from strangers, just sayin’!"

Key notes: Sparkling bergamot, mara strawberry, jasmine petals. "You might immediately think that strawberry perfumes would be sweet and cloying, but this one is unexpected and bright. With pink pepper and bergamot to add some sharpness and musk to mellow everything out, it strikes all the right notes."

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