An Honest Review of Zara Rose Gourmand Perfume


If there is one thing we love at Who What Wear UK, it’s a Zara perfume. Not only are these high-street perfumes often cheaper alternatives for their designer counterparts, but Zara fragrances smell amazing in their own right. Sure, they might not be the most long-lasting perfumes around, but with most of Zara’s scents coming in at under £25, we don’t mind spritzing them a little more often to top up our scent throughout the day.We all know that Zara’s Red Temptation has been one of Zara’s most-loved fragrances (it smells very, very similar to Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s £230 Baccarat Rouge 540). But with it being so popular, I’m ready to move on to the little-known Rose Gourmand—which in my opinion, smells even better.(Image credit: Who What Wear)What Does Zara Rose Gourmand Eau de Parfum Smell Like?

Rose Gourmand Eau de Parfum

Key Notes: Rose, carnation, peony, jasmine, amber, vanilla, caramel, musk

The first time I smelled this fragrance was when I was sat next to my best friend at a dinner party. She always smells amazing, but when she pulled out a vial of fragrance and spritzed my nose was instantly drawn to it and I demanded to know what it was. It turns out, it was Rose Gourmand. As the name suggests, it’s a sweet scent with fragrance notes that are almost good enough to eat, with creamy vanilla and a swirl of caramel combined with all the best smelling florals: jammy rose, jasmine, peony and carnations. If you love a sweet floral scent, then you’ll really love this. The addition of amber and musk make this a fragrance that you’ll want to nuzzle your nose into. After smelling it in store and spritzing it on my skin, I can confirm the longevity is pretty good, although the vanilla and musk are the most prevalent in the dry-down. However, the floral top notes seem to cling better when sprayed on to clothing.And it’s not just me that’s noticed it. Our deputy editor Maxine Eggenberger also overheard three women in store trying the Zara scent and they agreed that it smells even better than Red Temptation. If you’re ready to experience the scent for yourself, shop the scent below.

Rose Gourmand Eau de Parfum

The scent comes in a 30ml bottle, which makes it great for travelling or if you want to test the scent before committing to the larger 80ml size.

Chapter 1 Travel Set

Zara has some very chic-smelling fragrances, and this travel set allows you to try some the best-selling scents in 30ml size: Rose Gourmand, Red Tempation, Golden Decade and Sublime Epoque.

Chapter 1 Discovery Set

I’ve already added this discovery set of 10ml rollerball fragrances to my basket, which includes the dreamy Rose Gourmand scent alongside, Red Temptation, Golden Decade and another personal favourite of mine, Hypnotic Vanilla.

Shop More Zara Perfumes:

Ebony Wood Eau de Parfum

Created by none other than Jo Malone CBE, this smooth woody scent captivated me on its launch and years later I still love it. It’s warm, woody and a little sweet, and smells four times more expensive than its price tag.

Red Temptation & Vanilla Elixir

If you love Red Temptation, try this version mixed with vanilla. As it’s an elixir (a 35% concentration of fragrance) you get a longer-lasting scent that lingers all day.

Energetically New York Eau De Parfum

Another Jo Malone creation that is totally amazing is Energetically New York, which is the freshest take on sandalwood that you’ll ever smell.

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