5 Accessory Trends for Those Who Don’t Mind a Little Controversy


When it comes to trends, I would definitely describe myself as a risk-taker. I like to try new looks and have a “throw things at the wall and see what sticks” mentality when trying out new trends. You never know what you’re going to try and end up loving. But you also never know what you’re going to try and might not be the right fit. I’ve been eyeing a few controversial accessory trends that I have been seeing all over Instagram, TikTok, and on fashion people and five stood out to me that I would be down to try myself.

As someone who isn’t afraid to try something new, I’m excited about all of these, but as I said, they are controversial. Some of us love them, and some of us don’t. Whether you love them or hate them, I see the five controversial accessory trends that I’ll be wearing out in the next few weeks. Keep scrolling to see which ones made the cut.

Whether you’re going for a rosette choker like Anna did above or it’s adding a pin to your favorite dress or corset, this floral accessory trend is a yes from me. It feels very Carrie from Sex and the City, and I’m always going for that vibe.

I love a good hat, and something about a fuzzy fleece or teddy bucket hat just feels so cozy and perfect for winter. I’m into it.

Now, this is one I wasn’t expecting to make a comeback. I’m not sure if I can pull off wearing them with stilettos as Nitsan has done above, but I can definitely see myself wearing them with Uggs.

So what if I can only fit a lipgloss in my mini bag? Sometimes you have to just do it for the look.

This trend is definitely a throwback. I’m normally a layered-jewelry type of person, but these pendants look great on their own. You can also thrift them or find them at flea markets.

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